DEIK PPP Committee Meeting was held in DEIK Headquarter on October 19, 2018.

In DEIK Committee Meeting, many practitioners and academicians from PPP sector participated. In the first part of the meeting was extremely fruitful and  Sıla Cılız Inanç, The Board Member of AKFEN Holding conveyed that how to begin PPP project in Turkey. Later, she expressed the main problems that were seen at project which was completed successfully in short time as 10 years. She emphasized that this problems could be solved with stronger communication and cooperation.

During her presentation, Mrs.Inanç  mentioned  when PPP projects was prepared what kinds of difficulties does private sector face such as the regulation changes, the adviser /counsellor’s responsibility, the lack of PPP information from public sector . She stated her last word that the public and private sector should come together and negotiate their problems, challenges at the one table.

Eyup Vural Aydın, Ph.D, Chairman of DEIK PPP Committee informed about the upcoming 3rd Istanbul PPP Week which will be held on 05 – 10 November, 2018 in the cooperation with The Ministry of Trade of Republic of Turkey and DEIK ( Foreign Economic Relations Board),  IsDB (Islamic Development Bank), EBRD (European Build for Reconstruction Bank), IFC (Intenational Finance Cooperation). Istanbul PPP Week aims to gather more than 25 countries including Albania, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Ukrania and share Turkish “know- how” regarding PPP Experience to the participants.

During Mr. Dr. Aydın summarized the meeting, DEIK PPP Committee participants shared their valuable thoughts and suggestion to develop Turkish PPP eco-system. 

Regarding valuable presentation of Mrs. Inanç, DEIK PPP Committe Members from different sector decided to visit The Economy Monitoring and Coordination at Presidency of the Republic of Turkey on November to negotiate how PPP ecosystem should be better in Turkey and how export Turkish “know- how” PPP experience.