ppp traınıngs


The PPP certified training program continues its training programs with a vision to improve the performance of the PPP community and the performance of the PPP projects created by the experts who are the stakeholders of this community. 

Training Contents

  • Fundamentals of sustainable infrastructure investments
  • Introductıon to PPP
  • Navigating Uncertainty: Risk Allocation, Mitigation Strategies, and Major Risks in Infrastructure Projects
  • Project finance and PPP
  • Legal framework
  • Project cases 
  • Sectoral PPP projects 
  • Thematic PPP frames
  • PPP framework for better service delivery- Defining of KPI
  • Innovative Financing Tools in Infrastructure Projects
  • Issues affecting future infrastructure trends: Digitalization and Global climate change

Turkey’s completed PPP projects will be a part of the training programme and PPP experts from the PPP Project team. 

The training programs offered by leading PPP academics consist of interactive workshops, simulations of real showcases from PPP experiences.