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What makes us different is that we always have a rising structure with an innovative visionary structure on the foundations equipped with our traditions. Together with all our stakeholders, we see development and advancement as a potential, not a reward.

The investment and management consultancy sector is changing rapidly with the effect of today’s business environment and challenging economic conditions. Customers around the world want to see results, not just reports. It is important for consulting firms to have a deep competency in a range of services that cover the spectrum of clients’ business needs. At this point, our commitment is not only to give advice, but also to implement strategies and achieve accurate results.

As the Istanbul PPPCoE community, our principle of “Quality and reliability in production in service”, which we have followed since the year we started our work, brought the success of being the preferred brand. We are happy to be one of the most admired and respected institutions with our domestic and international activities. Staying true to our core values, we will continually innovate and improve our strategies, lines of business and organization. With each passing day, we will continue on our way with strong steps by raising the bar even higher and embracing innovations and changes.

While planning our new investments, we attach importance to our strategies, risk management systems and all technological developments in order to continue them successfully in economic, social and environmental (ESG) harmony.

Our goal is; to identify and reveal at an early stage the new generation models and systems that will be pioneering and sustainable in the long run. At this point, we aim to rapidly implement the technological development and digital transformation required by our age in parallel with our operations, and we are accelerating our work in this sense.

All of our colleagues in our group, our talented, experienced and innovative human resources are among the most important treasures of our group. In addition, it is our most important value that we have a serious ‘know-how’ thanks to our expanding and maturing corporate memory, which includes the decisions taken in the history of our company and their positive or negative consequences. While we take care to make maximum use of these experiences, we consider it important to transfer our corporate memory to our talented young colleagues and to develop people who will add value to humanity and society.

We will maintain our determination to be a company that contributes positively to people, society and the world, which is our main goal, by putting forward quality, solid and reliable works in service and production, with the dynamic approach brought by our appetite for change.

On behalf of all of us at Istanbul PPPCoe, I thank you for your interest.