Every year Istanbul PPP Week is divided into two parts: 3 days of extensive training sessions and a grand Istanbul PPP Summit on the 4th day. The Summit is a platform where experts in PPP field come together in order to discuss and share knowledge on important PPP topics. 


Istanbul PPP Summit’15, started with the speeches from Ömer Cihad VARDAN, Chairman of DEIK, and Prof. Gülay BARBAROSOĞLU, Rector of BOGAZICI UNIVERSITY. They highlighted the importance of PPP Projects for economic growth and infrastructure investments in Turkey and the World. They also emphasized on the importance of Istanbul for such a gathering as the city is the center point of various investment activities.


The panel with the topic “PPP Experiences in Transport: Challenges and lessons learned” was moderated by Prof. Marian Moszoro. The Panelists Daniel Benitez and Darrin Grimsey discussed how to accomplish successful projects in the transportation sector as well as their financing and the challenges. In order to have insights of an ongoing project Levent Çekirge talked about the Eurasia Tunnel project.


The second panel, moderated by Carsten Greve, concentrated on PPP experiences in the health sector. The panelists Zeynep Kantur Özenci, Ahmet Dostbil and Hüseyin Arslan discussed about the Health Systems Strengthening, the financing of PPP projects, the achievement of a success story and PPP investments in developing countries.


The 3rd Panel focused on how to Finance PPP projects in general. Darrin Grimsey moderated the panel and together with Ricardo Martinez Rico, Aisha Williams, Hülya Paşaoğulları and Hakan Aydoğan they discussed on how to finance PPP projects in local and international markets. The panelists also gave insights on risk management in the field of finance and introducing Islamic banking as an alternative financing model.


The closing panel of the day was a Plenary Session in which the panelists were talking about the “Next Level of PPP”. The last panel was moderated by Prof. Vedat Akgiray and the panelists were Jean Patrick Marquet, David Baxter and Ian H. Hawkesworth. They pointed out how important standardization and knowledge sharing is in the field of PPP. The panelists also talked  about regional developments, the effects of PPP in social, economic and sustainable development as well as about the latest trends and lessons learned from OECD countries.

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