ppp research center

The Public Private Partnership (PPP) Research Center, established in 2023 as an initiative of Istanbul PPPCOE. The initiative developed by Istanbul PPPCOE aims to bring the successful promotion and experience-sharing activities that have been ongoing since 2016 into the academic sphere, with the goal of also shedding light on future research endeavors. Many PPP projects in Türkiye have started to accumulate significant experiences in the operational phase. Real-time data and solutions developed to address various types of challenges have become valuable assets. Additionally, a wealth of human resources has been created in different disciplines such as law, finance, economics, project management, engineering, consulting, auditing, environment, and impact analysis. The PPP Research Center prioritizes contributing to advancements in the field of PPP by evaluating operational experiences, data and statistics, and experienced human resources. It also supports the expansion of theoretical frameworks that enhance the utilization of the PPP model.