Every year in the month of November, a whole week comprised of intensive 3-day training sessions, interactive academic activities and on the 4th day a grand summit is organized by PPPCoE. The Summit is coordinated under the umbrella of DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board)one of the most influential semi-government institutions representing the private sector in Turkey, and huge contributions from Ministry of Economy of Republic of Turkey, World Bank Group, IFC (International Finance Corporation), ISDB (Islamic Development Bank) and Boğaziçi University.

IFC World Bank Group, with its extensive knowledge and experience in the field of PPP, contributed significantly to the academic aspect of PPP Week. Speaking on both the summit and the training sessions, speakers from IFC addressed the subjects like PPP Experiences in the World, Legal Agreements of PPPs, Sectoral Implementation of PPPs, Financing PPP Projects and Standardization of Knowledge Sharing.

Boğaziçi University, as one of the
 most renowned Turkish universities in the world, acting as the academic resource provider, hosted the training sessions in its beautiful campus on the Bosporus and supplied the certifications for the attendees. 

In a 3-day Training Program Istanbul PPPCoE hosted bureaucrats, academicians, businessmen and experts from over 32 countries and 36 delegates from 19 countries (Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Indonesia, Morocco, Gabon, South Africa, Iraq, Cameroon, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Jordan) to discuss important topics on Public-Private Partnership and work on extensive case studies for knowledge exchanges.

During the training sessions experts lectured on some specified courses in the field of PPPTo conclude Istanbul PPP Week a grand Summit was organized. The Summit was designed to enable exchange of ideas and to encompass the challenges and lessons learned in the field of PPP’s.

2015 Istanbul PPP week Agenda

The Training Program had 15 lecturers from 10 courses; and 6 intensive case studies with discussions and knowledge exchanges. 11 of the delegates gave Country Presentations to discuss PPP projects in their respective countries.