DEIK PPP Committee organized a very instructive meeting on July 5, 2018.

Eyup Vural Aydın, Ph.D, Chairman of Istanbul PPPCoE made an opening speech and shared how PPP structure in Turkey evolved itself so far. In his speech, the Chairman, mentioned “The African Road Show Program “ which is co-organized with DEIK PPP Committee, Istanbul PPP Center of Excellence and Islamıc Development Bank. The Road Show aims developing African countries including Gabon, Senegal, Morocco, Nigeria, Kenya .

Additionally, he informed about the upcoming PPP Training & Workshop which will be delivered to Kuwait, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Kazakhstan.

The first presentation of the Committe Meeting was given by Sertem Demir, Deputy GeneraL Manager of IBS (Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage); was about insurance mechanism and practices in PPP projects in Turkey. During his presentation, Mr.Demir showed how  PPP Projects should be insurances and what the difficulties are that PPP projects face in insurance. Finally, he suggested some crucial points to achieve a better insurance system for PPP in Turkey and abroad.

During the last session of the meeting, Mrs. Şule Kılıç, Acting the Country Director of EBRD, delivered very fruitful and loaded presentation about Turkish PPP Experiences in Healtcare . In her presentation, she mentioned  why MDB’s and particularly EBRD is important for PPP Project of developing countries.

At the end of meeting, during the discussion between DEIK PPP Committee members, the participants shared their valuable thoughts and suggestion to develop Turkish PPP eco-system, including regular meeting with ministries, establishing a PPP center etc.