Istanbul PPPCoE is about to announce a very well-developed Training Program for PPP audience from all over the world. This newly published program is a chance to develop a Global PPP networking as it provides a great opportunity to attend training programs in the field of PPP.

Istanbul PPPCoE enables several leaders to meet in PPP trainings for creating, developing, and finalizing PPP projects therefore attract better works in the field of PPP. Istanbul PPPCoE Training Programs are intended to include interactive lectures, case studies, group discussions and site visits. It has a very comprehensive content through which participants will learn about Project Management, Implementation of PPP Projects, Project Finance, Risk Management and more.

Participants will have a chance to understand fundementals of PPP through lectures besides, they will learn the ways of powerful PPP implementation strategy. In addition, they will make practical experience by visiting several finalized PPP Projects in Turkey. Finally, Istanbul PPPCoE helps participants to interact with businessmen worlwide through B2B meetings and networking dinners.

As an Istanbul centered non-governmental organization PPPCoE invites you to get involved in study programs relying on experience in the PPP field.

Do not miss the opportunity to enhance knowledge and experience in the field of PPP.