CNR Istanbul Real Estate Fair opened it’s doors in November 23, 2017. The fair which hosted investors, businessmen, advisors, political authorities and visitors worldwide for 4 days in CNR Expo, offered participants a great opportunity to visit the most important real estate companies in Turkey.

CNR Istanbul Real Estate started with a well-organized summit bringing together several Turkish and foreign investors. The summit consisted of 4 sessions where panelists discussed current and future situation of real estate sector in Turkey. Opening speeches were hold by Cem Senel, General Coordinator of CNR Holding, Mithat Yenigun, Chairman of Union of Contractors of Turkey, M. Ergun Turan, President of Toki and Mehmet Ozhaseki, Minister of Rep. Of Turkey Ministry of Environment and Urbansation. Right after the opening ceremony the keynote speaker Jerry Yudelson, Chairman of Yudelson Associates, strongly emphasized the future of sustainable urbanism. Following sessions focused adressed topics such as the future of real estate industry in the World and Turkey, how to attract foreign investment in Turkey, what Turkey offers to foreign investors, the advantages of Turkey from the perspective of foreign investors, innovative financing tools in Real Estate industry and real estate investment trusts (REITs) and RE financing.

Istanbul PPPCoE played an important role in CNR Istanbul Real Estate Summit as our chairman Eyüp Vural Aydın, Ph.D moderated the third session in the summit. The topic of the session was “What are the Advantages of Turkey from the Perspective if Foreign Investors?”. In the third session, Hasan Tahsin Usta, the Mayor of Gaziosmanpaşa Municipality, mentioned the role of urban transformation in rise of real estate sales especially in Istanbul. Ibrahim Eksi, chairman of Turkish-Kuwait Business Council of DEIK Foreign Economic Relations Board, outlined the rising interest of Gulf countries in buying real estate in Turkey. Thus contributing to end the fear of unsalability. Recep Bildik, Ph.D, Director of Borsa istanbul introduced a new financial tool explaining the possibility to apply lease certificates compatible with Islamic principles. Finally,  Chairman of Marmara Engineering and Construction, Vehbi Orakcı delivered a speech adressing the significance of branding for the success of Turkish real estate sector.

The session moderated by Eyüp Vural Aydın, Ph.D also hosted two foreign guest speakers. Based on his experience in the Middle East and the UK, Mr. Al-Arab said providing trust in investment is very important. Similarly Mr. Panagiotis who is the President of Greek Turkish Chamber of Commerce, also mentioned what Greek investors expect from Turkish real estate sector. Mr Aydın closed the session by saying branding is vital in attracting foreign investment. The 2nd CNR real estate summit ended after beneficial sessions aiming to encourage global investors to invest in Turkey.