The Ministry of Culture and Tourism which shares the lowest budget provided by the government is beginning to adopt public-private partnership model in tourism sector in Turkey. The Minister of Culture and Tourism Numan Kurtulmuş said It's impossible to run all the projects alone. That's why we will commission the private sector. The public-private sector cooperation model is in our agenda, and we are working on it” in the Heritage from History: Peace and Tolerance Meeting organized by Turkish Business Women’s Association (TİKAD).

In his speech, the Minister Kurtulmuş strongly emphasized the importance of developing new projects. He noted nearly 3 million tourists came from Germany to Turkey in the beginning of 2017. He gave several examples of ongoing projects in tourism sector such as transformation of Ataturk Cultural Centre (AKM) to a cultural centre which has a library and a opera house. He also noted bringing back Sarcophagus of Heracles to Turkey was an important step for tourism in Turkey and added that Turkey is a centre of culture and a rising power in tourism sector as well as in other sectors.

Kurtulmuş paid attention to Turkey has been developing many projects in PPP model for years. According to Ministry of Development data, 9 tourism projects have been completed in PPP model so far. Thus, Kurtulmuş said the ministry would apply to private sector in implementing tourism projects as well. The ministry is planning to use PPP model in future mega projects.

In the meeting, the president of TIKAD, Nilüfer Bulut mentioned that TIKAD would give any supports to the Ministry in tourism sector.