Istanbul PPPCoE is about to announce its started Office visits to the Commercial Counsellor of various foreign countries. The first official visit was in October 19, 2017, Thursday, with Mr. Le Phu Cuong, Commercial Counsellor of Vietnam. Istanbul PPPCoE had very productive and efficient meeting with Mr. Cuong to discuss PPP Project opportunities, existing Mega Projects and near future plans in Vietnam and attract the Turkish investors into the projects in Vietnam.

The meeting was a great opportunity for exchange of ideas on how Vietnam and Turkey can develop strategies and promote partnership in the field of PPP. Mr. Cuong started his speech by sharing information about general situation of Vietnamese Economy and financial aspects. He thoughtfully explained Vietnam’s current position on the basis of PPP Projects by mentioning finalised PPP Projects in Vietnam. Besides, he outlined future needs, desires and government interests in terms of PPP. Within the context of requirements in PPP field, he strongly emphasized the importance of know-how tranfer to Vietnam. As Vietnam is one of the most important countries that draws attention of investors simply because it has appeared as developing country in Asica-Pasific over the years. Present existing projects are also a key to outstanding businessmen on planning investment opportunities in the region. Precious projects in Vietnam as the Airport, Bridge, Energy and Rout Motorway are also one of the efficient news for Turkish Investors to take into consideration.

The meeting in which Istanbul PPPCoE also shared PPP knowledge and experiences of Turkey continued with a brief explanation of PPP Mega Projects such as the 3rd Bridge, Airport and Eurasia Tunnel. Additionally the both sides agreed on Turkey and Vietnam mutual partnership should increase awareness for incoming cooperations and events. Istanbul PPPCoE proudly invited Vietnamese bureaucrats and delegation to the Unique PPP Week in April 2018.