Istanbul PPPCoE is maintaining visits to consulate for attracting cooperation with neighbours in the field of PPP. Istanbul PPPCoE team held the next important meeting with Mr Faouzi Hidri, the consul of Tunisia in December 18, 2017 Monday. They delivered a very benefitial meeting in how to develop mutual collaboration in PPP Projects using Turkish PPP Model. This visit was so important in the sense that Tunisia is one of the devloping countries that has a high potential of economic growth in the MENA region.

The meeting started with the comments  of Mr Faouzi Hidri concerning the development of infastructure in Tunisia. Following his speech of general information about Tunisian economic affairs, he continued with bilateral cooperations proves vital for future development. He strongly emphasize Turkey has appeared as a model in the PPP field thus, learning from its experience has a vital importance. He meanwhile added know-how transfer from Turkey would facilitate increase in investment in Tunisian PPP. In the meeting, Istanbul PPPCoE team also shared experience of Istanbul PPPCoE in leading and organizing PPP events such as PPP Week, Training Programs, B2B meetings, conferences and workshops. Furthermore, they shared information about Istanbul PPP Week which is a unique annual event organized by Istanbul PPPCoE with the support of the Ministry of Economy in Turkey. They mentioned that Istanbul PPPCoE also contributes to academic studies through publications and reports worldwide. The meeting ended up with the talks on mega projects finalised in Turkey.

At the end of the meeting Istanbul PPPCoE invited his excellency to  Istanbul PPP Week’18 EXPO that will be held in April, 2018. Both sides agreed to keep contract with each other especially for enhancing the area of cooperation in the field of PPP.