Dr. Eyüp Vural Aydın has completed his undergraduate degree in Political Science and Public Administration as well as his master degree in European Union Economy at Galatasaray University.

In 2005 Dr. Aydın has started his doctorate studies at Marmara University in the field of Public-Private Partnership which has recently come in the foreground in Turkey.  He has become entitled to obtain his doctorate degree in 2013 with his thesis titled “Application of Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Financing in Local Authorities”.

Following his masterstudies, he worked on several programs such as economic impact of European Union accession process on candidate countries, democracy loopholes stemming from membership structure of European Parliament and grants, funds and development programs of the EU.

His works on investment, development and growth have been compiled in a book titled as impact of Basel-2 banking system on Turkish SMEs. In a businessmen association in which he worked between 2006-2013. Dr. Aydın provided strategy courses and seminars by performing meetings with business world in many Turkish cities within the scope of the duties he undertook.

Preparing many publications in Public Private Partnership model, which he started to work on in his doctorate degree, he examined his model especially in infrastructure investments as an alternative financing model. He continues his works on securing infrastructure investments by way of the a forementioned model as an innovative financing means. His book, which is titled as “Alternative Financing Models in Local Authorities”, will be soon published by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

Dr. Aydın is the General Manager of PhD Consulting which he founded in 2013. PhD Consulting offers investment and management consulting services and consultancy in the field of Public Private Partnership.

At the same time, he is the Chairman of “Istanbul Public Private Partnership Center of Excellence (Istanbul PPPCoE)” and of DEİK PPP Committee which was founded within the scope of Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK). He is also the Vice Chairman of DEİK Ivory Coast Business Council.